Be Cool, Anglophiles: Kate Middleton Visited the Set of Downton Abbey


It’s a big day for Anglophiles and aristocracy fetishists: Kate, Duchess of Cambridge (née Middleton), visited the set of Downton Abbey and met the cast, many of whom were (of course) in costume.

She must be trying to cram in photo ops before the second baby arrives, because Kate’s had a busy week. US Weekly recaps this latest public appearance at Ealing Studios, where the show’s interiors are shot. She’s a fan, and it shows. She laughed it up with Thomas the Evil Footman:

Got a couple minutes with Mrs. Patmore and Daisy:

She met Carson:

She popped by the prop department and got to put her mitts all over some props:

She cruised by hair and makeup; I wonder if they talked about how she’s managing all the extra pregnancy hair? (I swear it’s doubled.)

She even got to wear the fancy headphones:

She also accepted a present on behalf of Prince George. One of the kids who plays lil George Crawley (a pair of twins named Oliver and Zac Barker), presented her with a wooden train. Pretty rude to hand a kid a cool wooden train and say “Hey, it’s not for you, give this to that lady in the white coat.”

And, of course, she got a group shot with the entire cast. Has anyone ever looked as bored as that little boy? He didn’t even get to keep the train!

Photos via Getty.

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