Ben and Jerry's Releases New 30 Rock-Inspired Flavor


If you’ve always wondered what Liz Lemon tastes like, and you would like to experience her flavor in frozen yogurt form, Ben and Jerry’s has got you covered. To commemorate/mourn the final episode of 30 Rock, they’re releasing “Liz Lemon Greek Frozen Yogurt with a Blueberry Lavender Swirl,” which is adorable. And also obviously terrible.

First of all, can everyone please stop putting lavender in my food? I am not a bee. Thx.

And second of all, this Liz Lemon flavor is all kinds of wrong. Here, I fixed it for you:

Liz Lemon’s Night Cheese is a full-fat ham-flavored ice cream with a swirl of hot dog caramel and chunks of fudge-dipped meatball sub. It comes with no lid so you have to eat the entire pint in one sitting, and also it fell on the floor.


Ben & Jerry’s unveils ’30 Rock’ flavor [FoxNews]

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