Ben Carson Chased Down and Befriended His Own Carjackers, According to Candy Carson


Ben Carson, who would tell you God saved him from a car crash and that he stabbed a guy when he was 14, is definitely your middle school camp friend who lied about her middle name for no reason. The lies were small at first, but they were meaningful. Even as a 12-year-old, you knew she was just trying to make you like her, but you also knew never to take anything she said at face value ever again.

The newest demonstration of Carson’s lovely insecurity is a fable about a time he was the victim of a carjacking, but literally ran after the car until it stopped, and then the carjackers recognized him as a famous surgeon and became his friend.

Carson’s talented wife Candy told the story on Tuesday morning’s edition of Fox & Friends:

“He drove into one of the gas stations that was near work and it wasn’t the greatest neighborhood but he went in to pay. And it was his baby, the Jaguar, so when he came out he noticed that the car was starting to drive off. So he chased it and caught up and when the guys, they put it in park, they got out of the car, they were like, ‘Wait a minute, are you that doctor?’ They were shaking hands, taking pictures.”

Watch the video below to see Candy’s blank stare when host Steve Doocy asks her to tell the story:

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