Benedict Cumberbatch's Arm Got Eaten By the BBC

The BBC tried to give fans of the show Sherlock and early holiday present but unfortunately something went delightfully wrong.

If you look closely over Martin Freeman’s shoulder, you’ll note that the arm of the recently engaged Benedict Cumberbatch is totally missing. Is this a photoshopping goof? Or maybe in the new season Sherlock wakes up with one arm and they have to dress old-timey to go find it because the arm is hiding out with a group of die hie historical reenactment buffs. That could be a great show. Maybe if you threw a dinosaur in there or something? Think about it.

The Guardian reports that the photo was part of a promotion for the BBC’s upcoming Sherlock Christmas special.

The BBC have released a picture of the stars of Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, in Victorian garb for the first time, suggesting that time travel – or at least fancy dress – will play a part in 2015’s Christmas special.
The special is due to start filming in January, with a full season of the show to be screened the following year.

But of course, this is the Internet where people love to obsess tirelessly over other people’s mistakes. Sherlock fans on Twitter had a good time coming up with their own “theories” about the Case of the Missing Arm:

Whatever. My idea is better.

Image via BBC.

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