Bernie Sanders Tries to Live-Tweet Debate, Gives Up: 'I've Had It, I'm Going Home'


Senator, candidate, and glorious old crank Bernie Sanders tried to hang in for all 10,000 hours of last night’s punishing GOP debate. Like most of America, he did not make it.

Bernie started out looking downright ebullient, by his standards:

And got off a round of nice burns, many of them pointing out the things that this endless debate somehow never got around to mentioning:

Two and a half hours later, things started feeling a little bleak:

Two minutes later, with 30 minutes left in the debate, he was done:

Sanders appeared on CNN this morning to remind the media that climate change and childhood poverty are still actual problems that need solutions.

Bernie Sanders: dragging this election season kicking and screaming towards issues of substance, whether we like it or not.

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Sanders gets his hair put in place by his wife his wife Jane O’Meara Sanders as he waits backstage to speak to supporters during a campaign rally at Prince William Fairground in Manassas, Va., Monday, Sept. 14, 2015. Image via AP.

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