Beth Ditto's Latest Collection For Evans Is Black & White & Awesome


Today a reader sent us an email, asking us to take a look at the new stuff Beth Ditto designed with UK clothing store Evans.

The email read:

Related to your fashion week coverage, [check out] the new line Beth Ditto did for Evans, and the reaction to it. Last night on Twitter myself, and other fashionable fatties, were stalking the shit out of the official clothing site, tweeting about when various products went “live” enough to order them, etc. One item has already sold out (a cameo belt). I think this level of excitement for international mail order clothing is astounding. It’s also a contrast to the “One Stop Plus” fashion show during Fashion Week. The show had gorgeous plus size models, and ill fitting unfashionable clothing.

Thanks for the tip! As you’ll see below, the plus-size clothing that just hit stores — and the website — is pretty great.

A studded parka is practical and rock’n roll.

This top could go with leggings, jeans or a skirt.

Depending on how you style this floral dress, it’s retro, girly or edgy.

Want! A polka dot dress with a Peter Pan collar. Vintage-y, nostalgic, totally cute!

The product photo of this ruched dress doesn’t exactly look like the same garment Ditto is wearing. But both are really cool.

Bottom line: The stuff here, compared to the stuff OnePlusStop showed during fashion week, is a lot more youthful and fun. Is it worth paying Euros and international shipping for? Some bloggers certainly think so! Personally, I ordered a coat from Evans last year, and was so glad I did: It’s tough to find cool plus-size stuff, and when I felt chic and got a zillion complements, I was glad I did.

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