Beyoncé's Cool Mom Has the Best Mom Instagram


Tina Lawson (formerly Tina Knowles) has discovered Instagram. Beyoncé and Solange’s mama, and, unofficially, everybody’s mom, is leaving her social media footprint with what I would argue is one of the best mom-produced Instagram accounts available.

Ms. Tina is sort of like an incredibly familiar enigma. It’s easy to feel like you know her because she seems like a loving southern mother who is worried about your weight but also tries to feed you beignets constantly. But at the same time, Ms. Tina rules with an iron fist and gets results.

You didn’t hear a goddamn word from anybody about Jay Z and Solange’s elevator smackdown and there is no doubt in my mind that was because Ms. Tina sat everybody down and gave them a talking too that shook them so deeply they could feel their blood crashing like waves on the beach.

Last fall, Ms. Tina spoke about how she was forced to pick up the pieces of her life after her 31 year marriage to cheating-ass Matthew Knowles ended. But oh, has Ms. Tina risen. In April she married actor Richard Lawson on a yacht. Two months later she appeared on the cover of Ebony in one of the most epic stunts in the history of stunting.

Sometime in August, Ms. Tina discovered Instagram and by the looks of things, she is living the glorious life she deserves. But despite all the glamour that comes with birthing two human beings like Beyoncé and Solange, Ms. Tina still has the Instagram sensibilities of your mother, and it’s perfect.

Many of her 80 posts are adorable shots of her and her “handsome” “boo,” photo rights be damned.

There are Beyoncé and Solange appearances.

In what might be my favorite thing ever posted to Instagram, Ms. Tina fell victim to the old, “pretending to take a picture but actually taking a video” and she posted the damn thing anyway because the world deserves to see her in that kaftan.

Ms. Tina also loves art.

And like all moms, she loves Costco.

Most of the pictures are slightly out of focus, which is exactly how all of our moms take pictures. She’s also a big fan of captioning her posts with “Me at…” or “me and…” which must be the official format in the handbook for moms posting on social media.

If you decide to follow Ms. Tina on Instagram, which I obviously suggest you do, the experience is not complete without taking the time to visit the “Activity” tab to see if she’s commented on any posts. You can catch her commenting literally the exact same things my mom comments on my Instagram posts.

Long live Ms. Tina: Queen of Mom Instagram.

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Lede image via Tina Lawson’s Instagram.

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