Beyoncé's Estranged Dad Tried to Shop a Destiny's Child Biopic


Mathew Knowles, father of Beyoncé, was reportedly shopping around a Destiny’s Child biopic to Sony last year, according to the latest hacked emails. Just like Mathew, that movie would’ve disappointed us all.

Beyoncé keeps a vice grip on anything related to her image, so it’s hard to imagine that a film about Beyoncé, produced by her estranged father without her involvement, would ever go over well. Bey notably dedicated a song (“Ring Off”) to Mama Tina. Still nothing for Mathew. TMZ reports, scandalously:

Beyonce’s dad tried to cash in on his famous daughter’s name last year with a Destiny’s Child biopic … according to the latest batch of leaked Sony emails released by hackers.
Mathew Knowles reportedly reached out to Sony in December 2013 … offering the studio first dibs on a movie about the girl group — and execs seemed into the idea.

Although that deal never materialized, there’s the sad news that Lifetime might pick up the biopic. The network is “reportedly planning a D.C. movie next year, but unclear if Mathew’s behind that one.” Let’s not do this.

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