Blake Lively Dreams of Going to Harvard So She’s Gonna Go to Harvard

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Did you hear that little Blake Lively down the block might be going to Harvard? Little Blake Lively down the block might be going to Harvard!

“I have a dream to go to Harvard Business School and one of these days I will do that… in my spare time,” she recently told UK magazine Stylist. If you can dream it, you can do it, Blake!

On business:

“I love it but I think it’s more innate for me; it’s not something I went to college for. My mom is someone who faced a lot of obstacles but never took no for an answer, and she showed me the only person who can limit you is yourself.”

On women in business:

“There are a lot of women in business, but they don’t get enough opportunities. If you look at the facts, women spend the most on e-commerce sites, yet less than 30 percent of the companies that venture capitalists fund are female-driven, even though female-run companies are the most successful. Women connect with other women. So why are we not looking at the numbers?”


[US Weekly]

Demi Lovato has responded to Ashley McMullen, the tattooist who accused the actress/singer of being drunk, not paying, and pissing all over her toilet seat while getting her “vagina tattoo.”

“Dear Ashley McMullen,” Demi wrote in a now deleted tweet. “I wasn’t going to acknowledge your bitter Instagram comments but since your side of the story has picked up some headlines, I would like to share my thoughts and send you a proper apology.”

She continued:

“First, I would like to say I’m really sorry I don’t remember you or getting tattooed by you, but as you know I was fucked up and sometimes people act like ‘#turds’ when they’re loaded. Second, I apologize for my ‘#peepeetoiletseat’… That wasn’t on purpose, I was simply a drunken teenage girl. Lastly, I apologize for making fun of your work.. But… if I were you, I wouldn’t claim that one because it looked more like an open vagina (or even a butt hole as my 8 year old little sister called it at the time.)
I also wouldn’t be admitting to the fact that you tattooed a very intoxicated 18 year old on a tour bus without the proper judgment that most legit tattoo artists have of saying ‘Hmm… This underage kid is wasted, maybe I shouldn’t permanently ink a hot pink kiss mark on this girl’s wrist….? Oh well… Fuck it, she’s famous.
I can’t blame you for getting the tattoo, I take full responsibility for that but if the issue here is you wanting credit, maybe next time you should wait for the person to get your tattoo sober so they would actually remember getting the tattoo in the first place, or perhaps you could’ve thought about all of this as a blessing that I forgot everything about you – that was until you outted yourself for the now internationally infamous ‘vagina tattoo,’ but you’re right, I should give credit where credit is due, and you Ashley, surely deserve credit for this one. #justputitonmytab.”

[E! Online]

Looks like all Hilary Duff’s talk of “Tinder this” and “Tinder that” was for a now-filming reality show. To reiterate: “She’s shooting footage of all her dates setup through the app,” TMZ reports. “And there’s a chance it could turn into a reality show.” So far, her reps have yet to confirm, but honestly, who would anybody be Hilary Duff-level excited about online dating if they weren’t getting some sort of pay-out at the end? [TMZ]

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  • I finally got to see Bridget Everett’s cabaret show last night which means that I’m very hung over, but with GOOD REASON.

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