Bobby Jindal Seeks To Stave Off Another Hurricane By Eliminating Gay Rights


Louisiana governor and 2012 Presidential candidate Bobby Jindal recently created the Louisiana Commission on Marriage and Family. If you’re wondering why that’s a problem, recall at Arkansas’ anti-gay-adoption law.

Jindal’s commission is intended “to propose programs, policies, incentives and curriculum regarding marriage and family by collecting and analyzing data on the social and personal effects of marriage and child-bearing within the state of Louisiana.” Which sounds like it could be okay, I guess, until you look, as Bilerico’s Steve Ralls did, at who is sitting on the Commission.

Among those who have been appointed by Jindal to serve on the Commission are Tony Perkins (who hails from Baton Rouge), the president of the anti-gay advocacy group known as The Family Research Council . . . Gene Mills, executive director of the far-right Louisiana Family Forum . . . Mike Johnson, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund . . . and numerous members of the clergy. All, Jindal has said, “have significant academic and/or professional expertise” on issues of marriage and family.
And each has a long history of spouting anti-gay rhetoric, too.

Jindal, as Ralls notes, already rolled back a previous executive order banning discrimination against state employees and contractors based on sexual orientation, so he’s not exactly gay-friendly. With the new focus by the conservative movement on the supposed damage that will be done to children by merely seeing two people of the same sex in love, you can expect Jindal’s commission to push for legislation or policy to limit gay adoption and push an anti-same-sex marriage agenda, which he’s probably make a cornerstone of his 2012 campaign. But, you know, maybe he’s just trying to stave off another Hurricane Katrina by driving out teh gheyz as John McCain’s buddy John Hagee suggested?

Ah, discrimination! The true Real American value.

Jindal’s Latest Attack on Louisiana’s Families [The Bilerico Project]

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