Boston Officials Ask Die-In Protesters to Stop Traumatizing Kids, Plz


Boston public safety officials are concerned that protesters intending to stage a die-in at the city’s First Night event on New Year’s Eve will scare children with their antics and are asking the protesters to please chill out for one night and just let the kids have their fun, OK? Is that so much to ask?

The protestors, who will be allowed to protest (glad we cleared that up, not that it’s a right or anything), will be closely monitored at the event. Officials have stated that they will take action if they notice any disruption of the activities, especially people falling all over the place because that’s kind of scary for kids, you know? Yeah, institutionalized racism and murder are scary things, too, and the kids will be inheriting this world from us and it’s probably worth having a conversation about why all the protestors are doing this, but okay, just let them be kids for a second. Just think of the children. I feel like I’ve written that phrase about ten times today because everyone is suddenly so worried about children right now. Did someone just put “The Greatest Love Of All” back on the radio or something?

From ABC:

The “Die In” activists plan to fall to the ground along the route as if lifeless to honor Eric Garner, who died after an arrest by the NYPD, and Michael Brown, shot and killed during an altercation with a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. The officers involved in those killings were investigated but not criminally charged.
“We’re going to protect their right to demonstrate and, hopefully, we can both make this event a successful event,” commissioner Evans said. “First Night is a long tradition in the city. I hate to see anything spoil what is usual a great family fun night in the City of Boston.”
Evans urged activists to remember that young children and toddlers will be in attendance at the family event. Pretending to die could be traumatic for them, Evans added, and urged protestors to be mindful with a public plea, “please don’t upset these young kids’ night.”

Sounds good. Sounds kind of like a veiled threat. Sounds like a protest would be inconvenient for the public, just like the unwarranted and unforgivable deaths of black citizens should have been. For those not protesting, fireworks and ice sculptures will be available.

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