Bouncer Sues Former Boss, Alleges He Was Forced To Buy Coke For Celebs


Leonard Taylor has helped famous people throughout his career. When he was a personal bodyguard for celebrities like Uma Thurman and Mark Wahlberg, he kept them from physical harm as they wandered around in public. When he worked as a bouncer at celeb-heavy clubs owned by Barry Mullineaux that I can’t even imagine the interiors of, he helped them avoid run-ins with non-famous people who weren’t on the list. Oh, he also bought them coke. But he didn’t want to!

In a million-dollar lawsuit reported by Page Six, Taylor is suing his former boss Mullineaux “for emotional abuse, claiming he was forced to buy cocaine for celebrity guests.”

“Mr. Mullineaux would get the money from the cash register. I would have to buy drugs for such celebrities as Barron Hilton, John Mayer, Chris Evans, Ms. [sic] America Tara Conner.”

One minute you’re saying things like, “Not tonight,” to some hapless wannabe club patron, and the next you’re saying, “I’ve brought the drugs you asked for, Mr. Mayer,” to John Mayer. (I’d probably sing, “Well if you want drugs, I’ll buy them,” to the tune of “Your Body Is A Wonderland” but that’s probably why Barry Mullineaux would never hire me.)

Taylor, who does not have a lawyer, also claims Mullineaux “has scammed financial backers out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.” And that he has a tape of “Barry paying [him] in fake money.”

Not only did this guy make Taylor buy drugs for Baron Hilton, he paid him in Monopoly money!

He also claims in his suit, obtained by The Post’s Julia Marsh, that it was Mullineaux’s “constant defamation of character that played a part of Mr. Taylor losing work . . . He has told celebrity friends, other club owners, security companies not to hire Mr. Taylor because of drug use and other criminal behavior.”

Mullineaux has denied Taylor’s claims, John Mayer’s lawyers have denied Taylor’s claims, and “reps for Conner, Evans and Hilton didn’t respond.” Maybe they were out…running errands?

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