Breaking: The New Dora Has Been Spotted, Described


Despite the fact that no one’s even seen it, a new, tween Dora the Explorer doll is panicking parents who worry. Mattel won’t “reveal” the actual doll, but luckily CNN has a full description.

Not since the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb has man relied so heavily on a reporter’s descriptive powers. Luckily, CNN’s Carol Costello is gifted with the art of painting with words, and she was one of the chosen few allowed to see a doll so far only viewed in enigmatic silhouette.

The tweenage dora is about twelve inches high, she does have long brown hair with bangs and a headband, she is thin, she is tastefully and fashionably dressed. I would not say she’s sexy…but she is attractive, she’s a cute doll, but she’s not wearing a little miniskirt or anything like that, and her hair is not as flowing as it was in that silhouette.
“So she’s not going to be wearing a skirt?” asks Costello’s colleague. “She’s wearing shorts?”
“Well, she’s wearing a tunic with leggings and platform heels.”

And The Mothers wait.

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