Brendan Jordan, Viral Voguer, Slaaayyyyys on Queen Latifah

Brendan Jordan, in case you do not recognize him, is the Las Vegas teenager who gave amazing face in the background of a local newscast, and went viral with the YouTube clip “Kid goes full diva on live TV,” which has over 3.8 million views and counting. Queen Latifah, appreciative of a good diva, sat down with Jordan and talked about his moment in the spotlight, literally.

“Everytime I see a spotlight, there’s this mode I snap into, and my inner superstar comes out!” Very clearly: Jordan is straight-up hamming for the cameras and it’s hilarious and great, since he’s obviously super-comfortable with who he is at an age most people find themselves in anxious shambles. (It helps that he has a supportive family; in the audience, his mom says “he’s always like this,” while his little sister gives the tween-appropriate “ugh my BROTHER” eye roll).

Jordan is great, though I would like to argue with him on the topic of his favorite RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants: Alaska? Courtney Act? BASIC, Jordan. Very very basic. Call me when you get over that and realize it’s people like Vi Vacious who can show you what a true old-way vogue walk looks like. Yes, I realize he is a teen and I am an adult. I feel strongly about this, and he can hold his own.

Anyway, Latifah heard about his love for RPDR and brought out Raven, who is fabulous, to present him with two tickets to the finale taping of the next installment of the show, which, by the way, CAN’T WAIT. Jordan was the vision of poise for most of his appearance, but upon seeing Raven, he loses his shit, but also manages to act like he’s known Raven for 30 years. Could we have a new superstar queen in the making? Ugh god, I hope his classmates appreciate him.

Also, not to bury the lede: Queen Latifah totally plays the role of a ballroom commentator during his runway-walk entrance: “He works it. He’s wearing green! He goes there. He’s not afraid.” She’s no Kevin JZ Prodigy, but she gets it (and has been known to show up at a ball or two herself.) Tens, girl. The clip is only six minutes long, and you should stick it out to the end, because Latifah has Jordan reprise his viral video moment, giving him the chance to werk while she cuts to commercial. Now imagine this: Brendan Jordan and Lohanthony in a room together. It would either be the greatest pairing showbiz has ever seen, or All About Eve.

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