British Parliamentarian Flexes Political Muscle to Complain About Star Wars Shoe Bungle


The Star Wars R2-D2 pump crafted by British shoe company Irregular Choice is, perhaps, the most hideous shoe ever made. But the gravitational pull of Star Wars (as well as unconventional footwear) was such that despite its appalling existence, this shoe compelled a member of British Parliament to write a complaint to a local shop on official House of Commons letterhead because she wasn’t able to score a pair before they sold out.

The Telegraph reports that Angela Rayner, 35-year-old Labour Party MP, wrote the angry letter to a shop in Brighton after not receiving the shoes after believing she’d been on a waitlist:

The upset MP wrote a strongly-worded letter of complaint on House of Commons notepaper, saying: “I have only ever brought your shoes and I am loath to do so again, or recommend your shoes to others. I am writing to let you know that treating customers in that way will only cost you more in the long term.”
Daniel Theophanides, 32, head of retail at Brighton-based Irregular Choice, said he was ‘personally very shocked by the complaint’, adding: “It was the wording of the complaint on House of Commons headed paper. One was addressed to head office and the other was sent to the shop in Brighton.

The Telegraph notes that she also tweeted, “Shame they sold my pair after I waited months on their list & been a customer 4 years. Poor customer service.” Her Twitter account has apparently since been deleted, and she doesn’t appear to have a public Instagram—so if she ever finally cops these horrific travesties of fashion, it is with regret we must report that the commoners will never have a chance to see the felfie.

Would this have been an abuse of power in the US? Perhaps! But still, the total lack of fucks is at least a little commendable. According to the Telegraph, her office said it was all okay, and that “rules permitted ‘modest use of’ House of Commons stationery for personal correspondence.”

For what it’s worth, other shoes in Irregular Choice’s Star Wars line—including the godforsaken travesty that is the Death Star bootie—are still available in some sizes online. R2-D2, apparently, just got too much juice.

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Image via Irregular Choice.

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