Britney Spears Is Not Having This Conspiracy Theory Shit

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Britney Spears Is Not Having This Conspiracy Theory Shit

Yesterday, Britney Spears shared a video on Instagram in her continuing “fight” against conspiracy theorists, critics, and, presumably- sites like Jezebel. It follows weeks of speculation by gossips that the singer isn’t in control of her Instagram and that the outfits were “clearly” filmed months ago. Some have even gone far enough to post side-by-sides of various outfits from old and new posts as “proof.” Most conspiracists seem to ignore the obvious: sometimes women wear the same outfit twice.

The video itself follows is a recurring format on her Instagram. Britney, on a balcony or deck area, models various outfits as a pop song underscores the experience. This video included Rihanna’s “Man Down.” (We love a sense of humor!) Before the improptu runway, she shares a message:

“For those of you who don’t think I post my own videos, I did this video yesterday. So…you’re wrong! But hope you like it.”

Her biggest hurdle, it seems, is overcoming the now constantly breaking news concerning her conservatorship. Earlier this month, a judge ordered an expert re-evaluation of her status as a conservatee in an impromptu court hearing. The judge also granted a temporary restraining order be put in effect to protect Spears and her family from the alleged harassment by ex-manager Sam Lutfi. From AP News:

Spears alleged that Lutfi had been sending harassing and threatening texts to Spears’ family, disparaging them on social media and seeking to undermine her conservatorship. A judge ordered the 44-year-old Lutfi to stay at least 200 yards from Spears and her family. Lutfi’s attorney said the decision was disappointing and violated Lutfi’s constitutional rights.

Now, weeks after the temporary restraining order went into effect, Lutfi has appeared in court. As the original order was granted until May 28, he was ordered back to testify. Radar Online reports:

Lutfi was the only one to testify and the case was continued to a future date. The TRO remained in place until the next hearing, Radar confirmed. In Lutfi’s opposition to the restraining order, he claimed he has “not directly contacted Ms. Spears since at least 2009,” according to documents obtained by Radar.

So what happens next? It’s clear that Britney’s Gram, the podcast behind the #FreeBritney “movement,” have created an ouroboros of gossip. News cycles led by social media generally follow an expected format:

  1. “Receipts” are posted.
  2. General outrage and backlash ensues.
  3. Facebook profile pictures are changed.
  4. New evidence emerges that splits the mob.
  5. One half of believers begin cannibalizing any tweet, post, interview, and public appearance for clues and mysteries while the other half moves on, and joins the crowd of dissenters.
  6. Gossip blogs continue feeding off the social media blitz, which fuels Instagram posts like Britney’s above, which contribute further to the conspiracy, which generates more news, which leads to more Instagram posts, which fuel the social media blitz, which generates more news…and so on.

The levels involved in criticizing a conspiracy while covering a conspiracy is not lost on this gossip! Believe me, I’m fully aware that I write from the shortest high horse imaginable.

[Page Six]

According to sources at Bravo, Luann De Lesseps has “not jeopardized her reality TV future with ‘Housewives.” Isn’t it expected by now that the rich and famous will always have the cushion of good television ratings to fall back on? The news is just another chapter in the saga following her dramatic arrest December 2017. After a “wake up call” from probation officers in February, the self appointed Queen of Cabaret was ordered to comply with the orders of her probation. This required a minimum of 2 AA meetings per week and random sobriety tests. Her court-appointed officer seemed to confirm the long-standing rumors that she’d been skipping out on the sentencing guidelines while on tour and filming the Real Housewives of New York.

She subsequently admitted, earlier this month, that she’d broken her sobriety with 2 mimosas. As this was a violation of her probation, she was ordered back to court last week, where she escaped jail time. Her new guidelines include stipulations that include in-car breathalyzer exams and constant communication with her counselors and psychiatrists. She was also prescribed Antabuse, which combats alcohol by producing “acute sensitivities” to ethanol. While it seems her short-lived freedom as a traveling “cabaret star” has ended, it’s clear that the continued press cycle surrounding her legal battles has only done wonders for her entertainment career. She regularly touts “sold out” cabaret shows while the Real Housewives of New York continues to climb in ratings. (Last weeks episode pulled nearly 1.3 million views.) As TMZ reports,

Our sources are clear though — Luann’s job is not on the line, and higher-ups haven’t even discussed the possibility of firing her … despite reports suggesting otherwise. Fact is, Luann is great for TV right now because the fallout from her arrest offers up juicy drama and an interesting narrative for viewers. Translation … ratings, baby!!! One other thing our sources say should be taken into account … some of the other ‘RHONY’ cast members have gotten wasted on-camera before, and have endured plenty of public embarrassment — and they’re still there.

Having previously covered this season myself, I will admit that the show grapples with the interior lives of women in often unparalleled ways. Nothing is off limits from their frank, on-camera debates: Suicide, depression, family abuse, divorce, learned sexism, grief, substance abuse. But as I’ve also said: While their lives are tumultuous in ways that cripple their health and wellness, these women consistently center materialism and whiteness over everything. It appears that Luann De Lesseps is intent on proving me right!


Adrienne Bailon has went on record to claim she “enjoys being a D-List celebrity.” Same!

Ansel Elgort posted 17 shirtless selfies on Instagram in a public sex ritual culminating in girlfriend Violetta Komyshan choosing her favorite.

[Just Jared]

What else?

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