Bubba the Cat Is a Wonderful Student


Bubba the cat is officially a high school student, I.D. card and all. When asked “Do you even go here?” he replied, “Meow I do.”

Bubba is a neighborhood cat from San Jose, California, with a love for education and the outdoors, whose owner Amber Marienthal let him roam around near Leland High School and Bret Harte Middle School. Bubba became such a beloved staple on school grounds that the students adopted him.

Mashable reports:

Though Marienthal says that her family initially tried keeping Bubba as an indoor cat when they first adopted him in 2009, Bubba made it clear from his meowing and wailing that he was definitely an outdoor cat.
As a result, Bubba spends pretty much all of his time outdoors, hanging out at Leland High School or Bret Harte Middle School. He’s become quite well-known among the students at both campuses, as well as a sort of local celebrity.

Bubba is more than a mascot. He’s a friend, often seen chilling near the lockers, in the hallway and on the soccer field.

Is he one of those gossip cats, though?

“He’s really social and he has no fear,” says Marienthal. “I’m surprised he’s still around.”

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