Butt Stain of a Father Caught on Film Apparently Mocking a 10-Year-Old Girl with Cerebral Palsy


In news of adults being unconscionably awful to children, the mother of a 10-year-old girl with Cerebral Palsy has claimed that a neighbor, 43-year-old William Bailey of East Sparta, Ohio, and his son mocked her daughter as she was walking off of the school bus, known in popular lore of people who were unfairly bullied during childhood as the yellow nightmare wagon.

According to a report Monday from 19 Action News, Trisha Knight says she filmed Bailey and his son imitating her disabled daughter as she got off the bus. Both the Knights and Baileys have children attending the same school, and, so says Action News, Bailey’s latest stunt (he was found guilty of aggravated menacing in a separate case) is evidence of some sort of neighborhood feud. Of course, it really doesn’t matter what sort of lawn-mowing, hedge-trimming, above-ground pool dispute prompted a grown-ass man to show the most effective technique for being a total creep, because the rule for adults mocking children (nevermind children with disabilities) is, I’m pretty sure, DON’T. It sets a bad example and dissuades NASA from ferrying humanity to new planets, and I think most of us want to go on a space cruise to the rings of Saturn one day soon.

Dad, son caught on video mocking disabled girl [WISTV]

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