CA Drought: Some Asshole Used 12 Million Gallons Of Water In One Year


While many drought-concerned residents of California are using leftover bongwater to water their plants and wait for a second or third pee to occur before flushing toilets, some piece of shit in Bel-Air has used almost 12 million gallons of precious agua — in one year alone.

The 11.8 million gallons this anonymous person used to, I don’t know, probably fill their Bellagio-style fountain, maintain a giant infinity pool and keep their sprawling lawns green, is enough to supply around 90 households. The Center for Investigative Reporting reports this type of irresponsible usage also costs a ridiculous amount, to the tune of $90,000. The second place offender is located in nearby Beverly Hills. These entitled fucks think they’re somehow above the drought, which is entering its fourth consecutive year.

What’s even more frustrating is these guys can get away with using as much water they want, as long as they pay for it. “There’s no ordinance on the books in Los Angeles to go after an individual customer strictly for their use,” Martin Adams, senior assistant general manager at LADWP, told the CIR. What the hell.

There is a bright side, however, thanks to the residents who are making a conscious effort to save water. As LAist points out, Californians have surpassed the state’s mandate to save water for the third month in a row.

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