California's Vaccination Bill Is Law, Now Here Comes the Freakout 


California Governor Jerry Brown has signed SB 277 into law, which will require the vast majority of children to be fully vaccinated to attend school or daycare. The debate over the bill was… robust.

In a statement accompanying his vote, Brown said the science on vaccines is not in dispute, despite what Rob Schneider might have you believe:

The real question here is what the anti-SB 277 crowd will do now, since clearly, vaccinating their kids is probably not on their list. The fear here is real, even if the beliefs behind their attitudes are not; the boy in the wheelchair in the photo above is Otto Coleman, whose father Josh says he was paralyzed from a vaccine. Josh Coleman said too that the measles outbreak at Disneyland is, in fact, proof that mandatory vaccines aren’t necessary.

“What happened?” Josh asked California Assembly Members at a hearing last week, according to the L.A. Times “At the second-busiest business on the planet, with the most contagious disease on the planet, 134 people got a rash, some got a fever. No one died. … That incident is proof there is no problem whatsoever, and that we have this thing completely under control.” (The Times notes that actually, “Of the 110 Californians who contracted measles in that outbreak, 17 were hospitalized, according to the CDC. About half were unvaccinated, including 12 infants and 28 people who skipped immunizations due to personal beliefs.”)

Given the amount of potential Hollywood and perhaps Scientology money floating around here, it is reasonable to guess that someone will sue over the bill’s implementation. In the meantime, some anti-vaccination activists are hinting that they’re planning on non-compliance:

Earlier today, anti-SB 277 activist and non-doctor Kirstie Alley suggested that SB 277 would lead to forcing children to take psychiatric drugs.

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