Can Anyone Tell Us if Congressional Candidate Michele Fiore Loves Guns? 


It’s really not clear how Nevada Assembly member Michele Fiore feels about guns. Can anyone tell us?

Fiore, a Tea Party Republican who’s served in the Nevada Assembly since 2013 and who’s just filed paperwork to run for Congress, suggested recently that “gun free zones” and maybe “mind-altering pharmaceutical drugs” are to blame for the recent mass shooting in Roseburg, Oregon.

But how does she really feel about guns?

I mean, yes, she did just announce that she’s selling this sultry calendar of her holding various guns, which can be yours for a $25 donation, which is not meant to fund her Congressional campaign, per se, but is just to support “statewide political efforts.”

But what are her real, true, sincere feelings about firearms? Is she into them or what?

While we’re here, how does potential Congresswoman Fiore feel about firing guns indoors? Would that be a good idea?

Fiore sponsored a failed bill to allow “young, hot” college students to carry guns on campus, reasoning, incorrectly, that it would prevent them from getting raped.

But is her love for guns sufficiently passionate? Can she prove it, maybe, in the form of an unhinged and frankly unsafe-looking series of poses? Ones that make guns look like fun toys, say, and not something you shouldn’t point at anything you don’t want to die?

Fiore also sponsored a failed bill to try to force transgender kids to use the wrong bathroom. But how does she feel about armed old racists engaging in lengthy standoffs with the Bureau of Land Management? With guns? With one of his supporters boasting that he had a “clear shot” at several agents?

It’s just…not as clear as it could be where Michele Fiore stands on guns.

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Fiore pictured in the Nevada Assembly in 2013. Photo via AP Images

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