Canadian Polygamist Leader Has 25 Wives, Can't Remember Names Of 121 Children


Today GMA previewed an upcoming National Geographic Channel special on a Canadian polygamist sect that’s a bit different from the American variety; They’ve denounced Warren Jeffs, campaign for society to accept polygamy as moral lifestyle, and even tell jokes.

Patriarch Winston Blackmore has admitted that he’s forgotten the names of some of his children. His second daughter, Mary Roundy, says she didn’t spend much time with her father growing up, “But whenever he’d do things with us, it would be really special.” She’s in a monogamous marriage with a man who was also raised in the polygamist lifestyle. “Even with my father’s children, most don’t seem particularly interested in living that lifestyle,” she said. “I don’t see it dying out right away. Maybe a few generations. Who knows?”

Leader Of Canada’s Largest Polygamy Group Has Estimated 25 Wives, 121 Children [ABC News]
Inside Polygamy: Life In Bountiful [National Geographic Channel]

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