Car Dealership Dicks Over Pizza Guy on Tip, it Backfires Massively

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A Massachusetts car dealership was caught on film dicking over a pizza delivery guy in one of the shittiest ways possible. We might all have to re-calibrate our sense of what constitutes a dick move after this one.

To clarify: the video linked via and LiveLeak* is confirmed by all parties. No one is disputing that what you see there happened. Westport, MA’s F&R Auto Sales either had a serious vendetta against Palace Pizza, or they are the biggest collection of dicks I’ve ever seen (it could always be both, though). The trouble started when F&R placed an order for $42 and change with Palace. The delivery driver, Jarrid Tansey, delivered the pizzas and was given $50 in two $20’s and two $5’s. The actual bills are important, and you’ll see why in a minute.

The driver then asked to make sure that the leftover money was intended to be a tip — this aspect of the story is not confirmed by F&R, but the driver later pointed this out on the video and F&R did not contradict him, so I think it’s safe to assume he’s telling the truth. Regardless, after Tansey made his delivery, and after he was well on his way back, F&R called his manager to complain that he’d “stolen” their change. Tansey then had to turn around, drive back, and give them back the $7, which is where the video (and the fun) starts.

It’s important to note that, as Tansey politely (if with understandable exasperation) points out, there is no logical reason to give him that extra $5 bill unless it’s intended as a tip; they owed him $42, gave him $45 in bills to reach that amount, then left an extra $5. There is no possible way this wasn’t a deliberate dick move. If you are somehow going to try to explain or mitigate this, no, you’re objectively wrong. Stop talking.

After Tansey points this out (showing some serious balls in so doing), the employees make mouthfarts until one of them, the Ben Franklin-looking motherfucker in blue, says, “So listen: The manager apologized once for you. Do you want him to apologize again for you?”

There’s a little bit more argument, none of it particularly heated, before Tansey says, tiredly, “It’s OK, you got your $7, so the world is right now,” and heads out the door. One employee, dumbly trying to save face and make herself feel better, says “out the door before I put my foot in your ass,” hilarious considering Tansey has already left at this point. Then, somehow, F&R manages to go full dickhead when another employee gigglingly proclaims, “Get the fucking owner and the manager on the phone, I want that motherfucker’s job. I want him fired.”

F&R then made good on this gleeful dipshit’s suggestion, calling Palace and complaining about Tansey. Fortunately, this is where the story turns good, because Palace manager Adam Willoughby asked Tansey what had happened and ultimately took his side. Apparently, this isn’t the first time they’ve had issues with F&R. Color me shocked.

Then, after the video was posted, F&R started getting raked over the coals for it to the point where they ultimately stopped answering their phones or responding to any contact request on social media. The owner of F&R (it’s unclear whether he was in the video, although I’m going to guess not) went into Palace and personally apologized to Willoughby, and numerous internet denizens have tried to start a GoFundMe for Tansey.

See? Thanks to the power of the internet, sometimes these stories do have happy endings.

* The video was originally posted on YouTube, but it’s since been made private (though obviously it’s still up on LiveLeak). Also, as notes, it was originally titled “irate pizza driver,” so in all likelihood someone from F&R themselves released it, not realizing it would make them look like massive dicksmokes.

Image via Brent Hofacker/Shutterstock.

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