Cardi B Doesn’t Try, She Succeeds

From running football drills to talking politics to breaking music records, the Bronx native is unstoppable.

Cardi B Doesn’t Try, She Succeeds
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It’s safe to say there’s nothing Cardi B can’t do. The Grammy-winning artist is currently starring in the second season of her popular Facebook series Cardi Tries, which follows her trying to master challenging skills, like tattooing her husband Offset and performing magic tricks. The latest episode, Cardi B Tries Football, features Cardi and Megan thee Stallion attempting to practice with the Los Angeles Chargers. The two rap queens threw on their yellow and blue jerseys to show the players they could give them a run for their money.

Cardi’s other big attempts on the show have included fly-fishing with actress and singer Keke Palmer, officiating a wedding with Raven Symoné, dancing ballet with Debbie Allen, and learning how to make sushi and wait tables with chef Vallerie Castillo-Archer—which she told Insider was the most stressful episode. “Sometimes people give waiters and waitresses such a hard time, like ‘Hey, you forgot my order’ or ‘Hey, the food is not this or that,’ and it was actually very difficult,” she told Elite Daily.

Arguably, Cardi’s most hilarious endeavor was when she went full wilderness mode in Cardi B Tries Survival. That episode saw her sleeping in a sleeping bag and drinking stream water filtered through mountain man Donny Dust’s sock.

Needless to say, I’m inspired. The Grammy-winning rapper even conquered her fear of heights—a paralyzing phobia that gives her panic attacks—by virtually jumping off the side of a skyscraper using an Occulum headset. “I kind of wanted to do facing my fears,” she said in the same Elite Daily interview. “I was thinking, even though I’m going to hate to do it because I hate heights, I wonder if it will help me with the fear of heights.”

If her track record this year says nothing else, it’s that she’s willing to try anything. Cardi has admitted in interviews that the purpose of the show was to push herself outside her comfort zone, and whenever it feels like she’s “done it all,” she knows it’s time to push more. And the mother of two has certainly been pushing, both on and off the show.

On Monday, PLBY Group revealed a 63 percent jump in year-over-year revenue since bringing Cardi on board as Creative Director, according to their 2022 first-quarter revenue report. The rapper seems to have played a huge role in getting Playboy’s revenue to $69.4 million.

Cardi, recently featured on Letterman’s My Next Guest, also earned nine Grammys since recording “Bodak Yellow” in 2017, and has now surpassed 2.1 BILLION streams around the world. Along with her political involvement and endless evolution, the “WAP” hitmaker can proudly say she’s doing the damn thang. At just 29-years-old, Cardi consistently tops the charts while raising her 4-year-old daughter, Kulture, and 8-month-old son Wave, as well as three step-children from her husband’s previous relationships. She’s also releasing another album this year and starring in a movie, Assisted Living. Honestly, where does she find the time?

“Everything be looking so glamorous,” she told her Instagram followers in December. “You see my f***ing Instagram and everything, but it’s been really…it’s been a lot…Trying to balance out my new mother f***ing life, like I got two kids, my daughters are going to school now, and I have lots of jobs now,” she said. As a proud Barb, and member of the Cardi fan club, I’m so ready for new music to drop so we can all witness her transformation, and what barriers she breaks next. I’m rooting for all Black woman rappers to win!

At this rate, there is literally nothing stopping her.

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