Catalonian Sanctuary Is Searching for Resident Hermit


If, lately, you’ve felt the urge to toss your cell phone and laptop into the raging sea—or, like Our Lady Rihanna, just shoot the damned things—we may have the perfect job for you. Catalonian sanctuary Our Lady of the Rock is accepting applications for a resident hermit.

Yes, that’s right, there is an application process. You cannot simply show up with your knapsack, Emily Dickinson, and hunger for spiritual realization.

The job requirements have been posted to Facebook, though do bear in mind that you’ll need a working knowledge of Catalan to read them. BBC News provides us less cultured folk with the basics:

“…the successful applicant must ‘leave all uncivil and immoral activity outside’ and will be required to perform ‘all the proper duties of a hermit.’ These include guarding and looking after the ancient hermitage, which sits atop a rock overlooking the town of Mont-roig del Camp.”

Should you still be interested, do bear in mind that you will, paradoxically, need to be a somewhat social hermit. One requirement of the job is “[welcoming] visitors to the sanctuary…Customer service is ‘essential.’”

Now to face the real challenge: revising your resumé so that you stand out as the ideal “customer service-oriented hermit.”

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