Celebrity Apprentice: Cyndi Lauper Defends Rosie O'Donnell Time After Time


On last night’s season premiere, the first task was a charity fund-raising event. Contestants were expected to call their famous, wealthy friends for donations. Cyndi Lauper said she didn’t have many rich friends—except for Rosie O’Donnell, Donald’s nemesis.

Still, Cyndi called Rosie—who’s had a feud going on with Donald Trump stemming back to her days on The View—but Rosie wasn’t having it. Cyndi is obviously loyal to her friend, and for a moment, forgot the cameras were there, and started insulting one of Donald’s wives. Then she remembered again where she was and shut her mouth. She’s cute. Later, during an interview, angered by statements Donald made about Rosie, Cyndi mentioned that he insulted Rosie’s weight publicly, but he’s not “a thin man.”

Cyndi’s team ended up losing. When discussing whether the women could’ve brought in bigger spenders, Cyndi brought up Rosie. Donald said, “She’s disgusting.” Cyndi held her ground despite his rudeness.

Bret Michaels was the project manager who led his team to victory. As Sinbad said, “He still got that hair.” Also, his new cleavage that would put the cast of Rock of Love Bus to shame. He donated the money his team raised to to a juvenille dia-bee-dus organization.

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