Channing Tatum Chatted With Howard Stern About Ghostbusters, His Penis


Channing Tatum went on Howard Stern Tuesday to promote Magic Mike XXL, and despite Stern’s insistent horny old man questions, Tatum was generally—despite his devastating goatee, which is thankfully not visible over the radio—pretty charming. And forthcoming, bless him.

The pair covered a wide range of topics, from the time the actor scalded his dick on set to his early days as a stripper.

STERN: Do guys stuff their pants?
TATUM: Some dudes would stroke it off and let it get a little meaty and then tie it off. I’ve never done it, it was just too much … I was having like an early midlife crisis or something, I didn’t know what was doing. I was kind of looking to jump into the abyss.

Tatum admitted that he was getting his “fair share” of blowjobs back in the day. Drugs were big, too: “You were doin’ a ton of blow, right?” Stern asked hopefully. The actor laughed, answering: “Blow is not what you would do because you wanted your, your junk—you didn’t want to dehydrate yourself, let’s say that. We did this stuff called GHB, I don’t even know what it is really. It’s what bodybuilders used to take so they could go into REM sleep, we would just take it and stay up.”

The talk show host wanted to know if orgies were involved. “It never got that rock star,” the actor responded. “I wish it did.”

The pair also talked about Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke, who admitted in an interview recently to wanting a threesome with Tatum and his wife, Jenna Dewan.

STERN: The girl who plays the Khaleesi has said in an interview that, I guess she met you guys, you and your wife, and she said you know what, I would offer myself to them in a threesome. Was your wife like, shit, another fucking broad is trying to get in on my action? Or was she entertaining of that, because that could be very hot…
TATUM: I think if anyone, she would entertain Khaleesi from Game of Thrones. I think I even called her Khaleesi for a little while. But [Emilia] did say something like that, it was after the Oscars, we’d all had some drinks and stuff … Jenna’s a pro, she’s like, oh yeah, let’s do it! And then it never happens.

When Stern asked how they deal with the long-distance aspect of their marriage, Tatum replied that they have a “two-week rule,” explaining: “I’m not good with buildup.”

They also discussed the Ghostbusters reboot (separate from the all-female, Paul Feig -directed one) that the actor is involved with. “That thing’s gotten messy, I’ve got to be honest,” he replied, when asked if the film was happening. “There’s a lot of people doing a lot of things on Ghostbusters. So ‘I don’t know’ is the answer.” He added: “Look, I would love to do it. [But] there’s a lot of people in the pool right now, the Ghostbusters pool.”

Yeah, maybe let’s cool it on Ghostbusters for now, eh?

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