Child Reporter Claims Kylie Jenner Is Not Dating Travis Scott

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Child Reporter Claims Kylie Jenner Is Not Dating Travis Scott

There’s probably only so much Fortnite the kids of celebrities can play before they tire of it—which would explain why so many of them are making surprise Instagram accounts and spilling all their family secrets on Instagram Live. Not even the Kardashians are safe from a bored kid with a smartphone!

Yesterday, Kourtney Kardashian’s 10-year-old son Mason Disick shared with his secret Instagram followers that Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are not back together, despite reports that claim otherwise. During the course of his Live, he explicitly said: “No, Kylie and Travis are not back together.” Seems pretty clear to me!

His time on the platform was soon cut short, however, after Instagram deleted his account—presumably because, per Instagram’s official rules, users must be 13 years old. Which begs the question: who snitched on this budding child journalist?

As I’ve already mentioned countless times, Kylie’s “hints” the last few weeks that she and Scott are back together coincided, quite glaringly, with the release of his Nike collaboration. I’ve long been of the belief that these two are more interested in selling shoes than ever rekindling what was maybe once the spark of love between them. Mason, for what its worth, seems to agree with me!

Also, please note the composition of his Instagram Live in the above video. Like any respectable on-air broadcaster, he’s utilized overlays to help visually communicate with his audience. It’s also obvious that he’s carefully chosen that specific photo to convey the subtlety of his point—these two are not a family, they are not together, and they are probably not in love at all. Not to mention the matching sweatshirts they’re wearing! Mason doesn’t have to elaborate on the way his aunt and uncle (or grandma) might be manipulating tabloids for their business venture—his reporting speaks for itself! [Us Weekly]


Remember Ariana Grande’s mystery man? In February, the two were spotted trawling around West Hollywood together. Now, she’s shacking up with him during Los Angeles’ “shelter-in-place- orders. Hope this works out for them!

TMZ reports that the above man is actually Dalton Gomez, who she’s been seeing for “several months.” Clearly! Sources tell the outlet Gomez handles “multi-million dollar listings for L.A.’s A-list buyers.” Seems like exactly the type of man you’d rebound with after a year spent cleansing your public image of Pete Davidson.

Besides peddling homes to people like Grande, he’s also been pictured on Miley Cyrus’s social media. It would certainly explain how he met Ariana! Remember, Miley and our ponytailed princess recently collaborated on the Charlie’s Angels theme song. Before that, Miley also performed at Ariana’s “One Love Manchester” relief concert following the Manchester Arena bombing, and has hung out out with her at various events, like the bathroom of the Met Gala!

Anyway, TMZ claims Ariana and all her closest friends are following Gomez on Instagram, which is the surest proof that they’re either dating—or he’s just selling her home! [TMZ]

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