Chill Pope Says Go Ahead, Breastfeed in the Sistine Chapel


One person who won’t give you any shit for breastfeeding in public, apparently: Pope Francis.

Yesterday, NBC News reports, the pope conducted his big annual baptism in the Sistine Chapel. This year’s haul: 33 babies. And for the second year in a row, he told their mothers to feel totally comfortable breastfeeding them right there underneath Michelangelo’s frescos if they got hungry or fussy, don’t think twice about it:

“You mothers give your children milk and even now, if they cry because they are hungry, breastfeed them, don’t worry,” he said, departing from his prepared text. The written text of his homily had the phrase “give them milk,” but he changed it to use the Italian term “allattateli”, which means “breastfeed them,” and added that they should not hesitate.

He also called on his audience to think of the world’s impoverished mothers, “too many, unfortunately, who can’t give food to their children.”

Image via AP.

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