Chloe x Halle Reinvented the Spice Girls, Somehow Improved on Perfection


The GLAAD Awards were held virtually Thursday night and Chloe x Halle stole the show, as they have been doing all quarantine summer. The duo performed their hit “Do It” dressed as Scary Spice and Posh Spice, respectively, and were supported by drag queens Naomi Smalls, Miss Vanjie, and Mayhem Miller, who dressed as the remaining Spices—Ginger, Sporty, and Baby. Chloe and Halle were meticulous in their celebration of the ’90s British queens, Chloe absolutely murdering in a green snakeskin ensemble and Halle donning Posh’s signature asymmetric bob.

But even the Bailey sisters, who may well be God’s gift to humanity, could not help but be upstaged by Naomi Smalls as Ginger Spice. Smalls, who was a star of Ru Paul’s Drag Race Season 8 and All-Stars Season 4, did Ginger in a fashion that not even Geri Halliwell herself could imagine: The hair, the face, the tribute to Geri’s iconic union jack dress, and the legs that stretch all the way to Buckingham Palace. The original Spices are quaking in their platform sneakers. The “Melanated” [sic] Spices Girls cannot be stopped.

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