Chris Hansen Reportedly Joins The High-Profile Sexting Canon


Former To Catch A Predator host Chris Hansen has allegedly sent a woman who is not his wife photos of himself nude in a bathrobe, grabbing his genitals. Anthony Weiner will be pleased to know his name has been slapped on all such practices.

This news comes via The National Enquirer, via the website of The Daily Mail, which lately has an inside track to all Enquirer “scoops.” Hansen apparently sent at least two of these photos via his cell phone to the same Florida newscaster with whom he was caught on camera in a way that suggested an affair. She was allegedly unimpressed.

Once again, parallels with his show were made, this time with The Enquirer‘s anonymous source saying, “You would think Chris — who sees first-hand how emailing risqué photos can cause trouble — would know better than to do it himself.”

This makes no sense. The guys on To Catch A Predator get in trouble because they send photos to internet accounts they believe belong to minors, not because they’re cheating on their wives with an apparently consensual adult partner. But if you need a reason for schadenfreude, Chris Hansen’s show was all kinds of fucked-up, and you should read this Esquire piece, and if you have time, this Rolling Stone one, in that order.

Terrified’: To Catch a Predator Host Who Was ‘Caught Cheating On His wife Also Sent Explicit Photos To His Mistress’ [Daily Mail]

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