Chrissy Teigen Rides the Bus to Flavortown in Horrifying Guy Fieri Costume


Please do not panic, this is only a warning: Two days from now (the Friday before Halloween), Chrissy Teigen will appear on American television in a costume so horrifying that you may want to make sure your children are out of the room when you watch FABlife (your favorite afternoon show presented by Tyra Banks). No, Teigen’s not going to be a witch or a vampire bat, she’s going as something much scary: Mayor of Flavortown and Donkey Sauce enthusiast Guy Fieri.

Teigen, who must have made the costume herself because the only “official” Fieri costume out there is more “sad uncle Donald who just got a divorce” than “detestable TV chef,” not only dressed the part, but even wandered around shouting nonsense about Flavortown and kicking doors open to make the entire thing even more authentic/terrifying to any passing children.

Check out a picture of Teigen as Fieri:

Personally, I think she looks more like “Anne Burrell dressed as any number of alt-rock icons from the ‘90s,” but a video Teigen posted removed any doubt that she was, in fact, going for Fieri’s signature smarm (which some people like! It’s a big world out there!). “YAHHHHH, GUY’S GROCERY GAMES!” she shouts, kicking open a door and accidentally dropping her phone down the stairs.

We could spend an eternity talking about how scary this costume actually is or how dedicated Teigen must be to even imitate the wheezy death rattle Fieri calls a voice, but we already know that the costume’s a winner—just look at that multi-colored facial hair she’s got going on. So instead, let’s just watch this video of Teigen losing her phone over and over again, savoring the helpful reminder that even supermodels do stupid shit sometimes. Or wait, was she just in character?

Honestly, it’s the scariest thing allowed on television since this BBC television special about a real-life haunted house:

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