Christian Groups Plan to Strike Back Against California's Gay Conversion Therapy Ban


Now that California governor Jerry Brown has finalized legislation banning “health professionals” (har!) from trying to de-gay-ify teenagers, Christian bigots are rolling away the stones they live under and kicking up quite a fuss. Two conservative Christian groups say they plan to sue to overturn the law, which they claim is unconstitutional.

Liberty Counsel Chairman Mat Staver said his organization plans to argue in court that the law infringes on the First Amendment and equal protection rights of individuals to give and receive information that matches their personal and professional beliefs.
“What this law does is tell minors that they can no longer receive information about same-sex attractions that they have been receiving and that they find beneficial to them,” Staver said. “It also puts counselors in a situation where they must present only one viewpoint of this subject.”

Yeah. Because god forbid we try and protect children from being forcibly brainwashed by charlatans (these people are liars and grifters—there is no such thing as an “ex-gay”), just because their parents believe that a magic book says man-on-man kissing gives their magic sky-boyfriend a stomach ache. God forbid anyone try to dismantle the systemic bigotry that makes gay kids feel stigmatized and foreign in their own homes. You know what? We DON’T have to present every possible viewpoint on every possible subject. Because some viewpoints are barbaric garbage.

Ban On Gay ‘Conversion’ Therapy To Be Challenged [NPR]

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