Christian Newswire Says Ellen's Lesbianism Ruined American Idol


One thing I hate, even more than when my underwear leaves red marks along my belly, is when religious fanatics blame gays for ruining things in entertainment.

According to a recent op-ed piece, Ellen Degeneres‘ lesbianism is to blame for the drop in ratings on American Idol. You know, instead of the fact that the show hasn’t been good since Carrie Underwood won in 2004.

Gary McCullough, the director of the Christian Newswire, has apparently been predicting the demise of Idol since January. He writes in a press release, issued today:

I am confident that the producers of American Idol will be shocked when their market share has cratered, and will in all honesty find a dozen other reasons for the drop in ratings. After all, what successful television producer could have a clue what wholesomeness is as long as they see promoting homosexuality as a virtue.

As far as I know, Ellen simply promotes dancing all the time and not saying anything mean. Is that what he means by homosexual virtues?

But wait, it gets more ridiculous:

DeGeneres’ “Yes, I have loved a woman,” comment from the May 11 show, was the most obvious lesbian-one-liner, but it wasn’t the only one, and it is hurting the show’s ratings. I can hear the bloggers loading their homophobe-blasters, but think this through with me. If one of the judges was an abortion activist, or a political right winger and continued to insert comments in line with their activism, the same criticism would be true, and the show would suffer. The advice, “Shut up and sing!” comes to mind.

First of all, Mr. McCullough, the Dixie Chicks should cut you for using that last line. Secondly, how could DeGeneres talking about love have anything to do with politics or abortion? I’m not sure of the context of Ellen’s “lesbian-one-liner,” but I’m fairly certain it makes more sense than an Idol judge saying, “You were shaky there for a bit but you totally saved that song as if you were at the clinic and decided against killing your baby.” Or, “Great song! I am totally pro-your-choice!”

McCullough concludes his argument with what I’m sure he thinks is a real zinger:

Network television producers may or may not stop promoting homosexuality; but for certain they will learn to keep homosexual activism separate from the cash-cow of “family entertainment.” There is of course the insane possibility that Hollywood will forsake ratings – and the dollars that follow &mdsah; and continue down the path of change. Perhaps next we will see the pro-pedophilia group NAMBLA use its influence in Hollywood to have Dancing with the Stars seat Roman Polanski as a judge.

Hold me back. Why are homophobes so obsessed with pedophilia and bestiality?

American Idol has always been one of the gayest shows on television. Case in point: Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest go back and forth teasing each other like two bitchy queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race. The only interesting contestant they’ve had on the show in years has been Adam Lambert. I had to look up Kris Allen’s name because no one cares about him, even though he won.

Whenever you have a singing competition, the gays will come out in full force – just ask anyone who has gone to a karaoke bar. Personally, I blame the show tanking because they insist on making the contestants do those ridiculously cheesy commercials and the fact that Paula Abdul is gone and now we can’t play drinking games for every nonsensical word that comes out of her mouth.

He sounds like just another religious nut trying desperately to cope with his own closeted feelings. He’s the grown man watching American Idol searching for any indication of Ellen dropping “lesbian one-liners.” The world of entertainment could barely exist without gays.

Now, I’m just a small Jewish girl, but I’m fairly certain the Christian way of doing things is supposed to be to love one another, even if you don’t necessarily agree with your neighbor. Put “It’s Raining Men” in your pipe and smoke it.

This post originally appeared on the blog After Ellen. Republished with permission.

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