Christian Siriano Spring 2011: Romance, Drama, Ferosh!


Of the dozens of designers who have appeared on Project Runway over the years, only Christian Siriano continues to make headlines. The collection he showed today was dreamy, wearable, imaginative and stunningly gorgeous. Oh. And. He’s only 24 years old.

He opened the show with crisp, clean white. This belted dress would look amazing on safari, in a work meeting, or on your imaginary yacht.

Put some David Bowie on and get into it.

Sleek and chic. The way these flared pants moved on the runway? Too cool.

Metallic also made an appearance. Somehow the shimmer was subtle and not garish.

Wear it from lunch to dinner and into the night.

Every Hollywood starlet is trying to order this right now.

Detailed, yet simple. And beautiful.

So soft and feminine, but also strong!

I didn’t love the leather looks, but obviously Heidi Klum will be wearing this very shortly.

These are the shorts which made me Tweet a sad face. The top, however, is spot-on. Apparently Christian used a “signature Asian fabric print based on digital photographs showing different vantage points of Chinese and Buddhist temples combined with varying perspectives of Indian beading.” So.

More leather: Tough, yet romantic.

Spring garden party, anyone?

How about now?

Yes, this is a strapless dress with a gravity-defying ruffle.

If your friend told you she was going to wear a red ruffled sleeveless top with red animal print flared leg trousers, you might think she was crazy. Surprise, surprise: She’s the coolest girl at the shindig.

I don’t know where she is going in this getup, I only know that clearly she is running shit when she gets there.

And this is her VP.

Going on a cruise? You only need to pack one thing, and this is it.

The way this thing floated and undulated down the runway was breathtaking.

Put this in the dictionary under the word “slink.”

Billowy, gorgeous, let’s do it, let’s fall in love.

When this dress appeared, a whisper and a hum and a flashing of lights accompanied it. The ruffles, lighter than air, danced with every step. A woman near me sighed.

A closer look — the hard, metallic sheen next to the whisper-soft, ethereal whipped cream? Genius.

I mean. Come on. We all have secret princessy fantasies, and this fulfills a lot of them. Unicorn not included.

And here’s the dress which made the crowd gasp. Fire. A fashion MOMENT. All eyes on you, and your quivering hot lava bubble dress. So good it hurts!


Le sigh.

There he is! He knocked it out of the park, as they say. Congrats.

[All images via Getty.]

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