Christina Aguilera Is on Britney Spears's Side

And Leah McSweeney enters the Olivia Rodrigo-Courtney Love beef

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Christina Aguilera Is on Britney Spears's Side

Everybody and their mother has issued a statement about Britney Spears’s conservatorship, but something about Christina Aguilera’s statement, which I wasn’t necessarily waiting for but expected just the same, feels like it comes from a place of recognition.

Aguilera posted some nice words on her Instagram Story about Britney’s abusive conservatorship, but took the same energy to Twitter in a thread that doesn’t quite capture the eloquence of the Instagram story, if I’m being honest.

“It is unacceptable that any woman, or human, wanting to be in control of their own destiny might not be allowed to live life as they wish,” she wrote. “To be silenced, ignored, bullied or denied support by those ‘close’ to you is the most depleting, devastating and demeaning thing imaginable. The harmful mental and emotional damage this can take on a human spirit is nothing to be taken lightly. Every woman must have the right to her own body, her own reproductive system, her own privacy, her own space, her own healing and her own happiness.”

Spears and Aguilera were both Mouseketeers many moons ago, and that, my friends, is where Spears met the ramen-haired man that would later make a song from the rubble of their shared lives that would make him a lot of money. In my not-at-all professional opinion, Aguilera could’ve gone the Britney way, but she was branded as the SEXXXYYY one, even before her unfortunate brush with dreadlocks. Also recall that because these two women entered the pop music scene at the same time, spit out of the exact same factory, the press drummed up a rivalry that was very likely fake.

Like the Robert Frost poem said that one time, there were two paths in a snowy wood, and Britney took one, and Xtina, the other. But now those roads have converged again (sure!), and here they are together, one woman supporting another. That’s-a feminism, baby. [People]

What is not feminism, or anything good, in my book, is Leah McSweeney pushing her new nose into the simmering pot of beef stew that is boiling on the hob shared by Olivia Rodrigo and Courtney Love. Help, everything is so fucking annoying, and we can’t do anything to stop it!

To sum up the beef bourguignon: Courtney Love thinks that Olivia Rodrigo’s Sour promo art ripped off Hole’s Live Through This cover because both feature the not-that-original-but-still-good trope of a woman in a tiara clutching a bouquet of flowers crying one single mascara tear. I do not think Olivia Rodrigo intended to do a rip-off, but it doesn’t matter what I think, because Courtney Love now has a powerful ally in Leah McSweeney


Here she is, getting her own glam that makes it look like she can move her face still and cry, mouthing “Thank you” to Courtney Love for… what? Existing? I have no idea, but Leah, if you could just stick to acting out on the television show I watch and nowhere else, that’d be great, thanks. [Page Six]

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