Christina Aguilera & Sam Ronson "Spent The Night" Together

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  • The night Christina Aguilera announced her split from Jordan Bratman, Sam Ronson came over at 7am and left at 2am.

This Britloid uses the headline “spent the night” to make it seem scandalous. But if your friend was going to be alone in the house for the first time after her marriage disintegrated, wouldn’t you come over and hang out with her and cry over Chardonnay? [The Sun]

  • Christina Aguilera talks about her divorce in the November issue of Redbook, saying: “It’s not easy, and there have been a lot of tears and sadness. It’s impossible to redefine yourself and your life overnight.” And: “Thankfully, I have my mom and a small group of close friends who are there for me 24/7 and whom I can trust and depend on. On days when it feels impossible to even get out of bed, much less function as a mother, their support and encouragement have kept me moving forward.” [NYDN]
  • Christina Aguilera‘s people deny that there was any violence in her marriage, and explain that her bruised lip was the result of a fall. [E!, TMZ]
  • Unsolicited Uterus Update: Rachel Zoe is allegedly 4½ months pregnant and expecting a boy. [NYDN]
  • Lindsay Lohan has a hearing today, and the buzz is that the judge is not impressed by her stay at Betty Ford and would like for her to serve at least 30 days in jail for her failed drug test. We’ll see. [TMZ]
  • Someone attacked Michael Lohan. [Radar Online]
  • Breaking: Scarlett Johansson got a haircut. [NYDN]
  • Kim Kardashian found out about that diamond-encrusted cake she was going to get for her birthday, and canceled it. What will become of the jewels? [Radar Online]
  • Jay-Z needs a copyeditor. [Page Six]
  • Wal-Mart denies banning Kanye West‘s album! In a statement, the store said: “We’re excited about Kanye West’s new album and we look forward to carrying it in our stores on November 22nd. As always, it’s our standard practice to carry the edited parental advisory version. We did not reject the cover artwork and it was never presented to us to view.” Was his “mistake” marketing genius? [X17 Online]
  • Coming soon! Elton John/Lady Gaga duet! Something to do with gnomes! So excited! You can tell everybody this is my song! [EW]
  • Here is Taylor Swift as a brunette beatnik. [Celebuzz]
  • In an interview with Oprah, Lisa Marie Presley said of her ex-husband Michael Jackson: “I didn’t understand my relationship with him.” [Pop Eater]
  • Mad Men‘s Elisabeth Moss will star in a West End play (The Children’s Hour) with Keira Knightley; the two will play “teachers who run a girls’ boarding school in America in the early Thirties and are accused by a malicious child of conducting an affair with one another.” [Daily Mail]
  • Kat Von D said some crappy things about Nikki Sixx while she was dating Jesse James — and the rant was caught on camera, since she was filming LA Ink at the time. But now that Kat has broken up with JJ and is back with Nikki, she’s told the producers that she will sue if they use the scenes — a Nikki vs. Jesse storyline has been killed. [TMZ]
  • Colin Farrell in Total Recall? Really? [Just Jared]
  • Congrats to Maria Sharapova, who is engaged to Sasha Vujacic of the LA Lakers. [TMZ]
  • Casting of The Hobbit: Done. [The Hollywood Reporter]
  • Everything you never wanted to know about Donnie Wahlberg‘s secret love child, at the link. [National Enquirer]
  • “I think she is a sweet girl… It’s probably exciting to be a crackhead.” — Russell Simmons on Courtney Love. [Page Six]
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