Christopher Walken's First Meeting With Clint Eastwood Was Perfect


It’s a universally accepted truth that anything that comes out of Christopher Walken’s mouth is always going to be disturbingly creepy. If he were to read the ingredients in a box of Shredded Wheat, you’d probably go sleepless for days, terrified of every flicker in your shadow. But he also has the uncanny ability to be extremely funny, about pretty much anything. This story Walken told David Letterman on Wednesday’s The Late Show about meeting legendary actor and director Clint Eastwood for the first time is further proof of that. (This man is a master of deadpan delivery. Everyone else please go home.)

Walken is starring in the film version of Jersey Boys, directed by Eastwood (YES THAT MEANS YOU’LL GET TO SEE HIM DANCE YESSSSSSSS). It’s really hard to believe that these two men, who are both icons and were huge stars throughout the 70s and 80s never ever ever once met at some awards show or party. I’m totally with Letterman on this. I thought all famous people knew each other intimately! I thought there were secret invitations that got sent out the moment you became a recognizable name that read simply “Please meet all of your screen idols on Saturday at noon. Dress casual. BYOB.”

But then again, I’m certainly not going to be the one who would dare question Christopher Walken. I don’t want to have nightmares for the rest of my life.

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