Church of Scientology Suggests Leah Remini Move to Russia

“If Remini can no longer get a job, she has nobody to blame but herself,” a spokesperson said in response to Remini's bombshell new lawsuit against them.

Church of Scientology Suggests Leah Remini Move to Russia
Photo:Kirby Lee (AP)

On Thursday, in response to Leah Remini’s 60-page lawsuit against the Church of Scientology and its leader, David Miscavige, a spokesperson for the controversial institution put out a statement: “This lawsuit is ludicrous and the allegations pure lunacy. Remini spreads hate and falsehoods for a decade and is now offended when people exercise their right to free speech, exposing her for what she is—an anti-free speech bigot.”

In the new suit, Remini alleges the church has “stalked, surveilled, harassed, threatened,” and “intimidated” her and accuses Scientology of a series of abuses that amount to what she describes as “psychological torture.” She specifically claims Scientology operatives sought out a mentally ill homeless man to stalk and harass her because she asked where Shelly Miscavige, David’s wife, had disappeared to.

“Remini’s complaints are like an anti-Semite complaining about the Jewish Anti-Defamation League for exposing the anti-Semite’s bigotry and propaganda,” the church’s statement continued. (Note that Remini, herself, is Jewish.) “Remini’s obsession with attacking her former religion, by spreading falsehoods and hate speech, has generated threats of and actual violence against the Church and its members as evidenced by multiple criminal convictions of individuals poisoned by Remini’s propaganda.”

The statement then reads that Remini “has spun entirely out of control by filing a frivolous lawsuit attempting to stop free speech exposing her false propaganda” and over the years “has profited handsomely from her fabrications, through the sale of hate books, hate podcasts and paid-for tabloid hate television.”

“If Remini can no longer get a job, she has nobody to blame but herself. Obviously everybody in Hollywood now knows what we already knew,” the statement continues. “That Remini is a horrible person and toxic to so many who have the misfortune to come in contact with her.”

The statement concludes, “If Remini does not believe in free speech, then she should consider emigrating to Russia.”

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