City Puts Renaming Of Solid Waste Services Department Up For A Vote, Hilarity Ensues


Austin, Texas is a place full of wonderfully weird people, and when the city decided to leave the renaming of its shit disposal team up for public vote, something wonderfully weird happened. What name does Texas’s weirdest city favor?

“The Fred Durst Society of the Humanities and Arts”

It appears that the people of Austin never forgot that time that Fred Durst instructed them to take that cookie and stick it up their yeah.

Stick it up their yeah.

Stick it up their yeah.

It seems now that a stunt that started as a lighthearted attempt to engage the community with the goings-on in a department that they normally wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole has left the Solid Waste Services Department with a bit of a mess that they may need some help cleaning up. The City is backpedaling-

City of Austin public information specialist Jennifer Herber tells NPR’s Linda Wertheimer that the name will ultimately be decided by the city manager and the poll was just for “public input.”
“Obviously we’re going to go with what makes the most sense for Austin and for the department,” she says.

Polling continues until this Thursday, February 10. Other options include The Department of Neat And Clean, Ministry of Filth, Hufflepuff, Lemon Party, The Colbert Solid Waste Department, The Austin Department of Are You Gonna Eat That?, and FLOATER (The Department of Filth, Litter, Outreach, Abatement, Trimmings, Education and Recycling).

Those interested in participating in the democratic process can do so here.

Those Are Crappy Names For A Waste Department [NPR]

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