College Girl's Unbelievably Racist Video Rant


A woman who purports to be a UCLA student has released a video that went viral over the weekend, wherein she makes various racist claims about Asian-American students. The university has called the video “repugnant.”

Some have identified the woman as political science student Alexandra Wallace, but her personal page isn’t publicly visible on Facebook (a hate page called “Alexandra Wallace (UCLA Library B!#!$)” is). And according to UCLA spokesman Phil Hampton, the university hasn’t confirmed that she’s a student. Hampton also says her rant about Asian-American students is “contrary to the values the university believes in” and calls it “repugnant.”

It certainly is. Her screed (transcript available here) is so un-self-aware — she refers to herself as a “nice American girl” even as she’s uttering a ridiculous mockery of some unspecified “Asian” language, and repeatedly talks about “manners” while exhibiting a catastrophic lack of them — that some have questioned whether it’s a joke. But it’s not at all funny, and if it’s a parody, it’s not clear what it’s lampooning. That Wallace (or whoever she is) thought nothing of sharing her racist views with the world via YouTube is a little shocking, and it’s still possible that the video will be revealed as some sort of hoax. But on the other hand, underestimating how awful people can be — and how awful they’re willing to be in public — is usually a mistake.

Viral YouTube Video Called “Repugnant” By UCLA Administration [Daily Bruin]
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