Company That Locked Raped Woman In Container Named "Top Employer For Women"


Remember that whole thing where a KBR employee was drugged and gang-raped by coworkers and then locked in a shipping container by her bosses? And then the company essentially said she was asking for it? And then Al Franken worked to close the loophole that allowed them wriggle out of being sued? Oh, and those pesky allegations of human trafficking and sexual harassment and bullying of Iraqi employees.

Women Engineer magazine, which Mother Jones describes as “one of several diversity-recruitment mags published by Long Island, New York-based Equal Opportunity Publications” evidently does not. Because they just named KBR a “top employer for women.”

Maybe they were sold by this PR flack video that MJ unearthed talking about how awesome of a company it is for women. Celebrating women across the globe — and their nine pending lawsuits by women alleging assault and intimidation.

KBR Named “Top Employer” for Women?! (Video) [MJ]

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