Congratulations to Emma and Noah, The Most Popular Baby Names of 2014


The Social Security Administration released its annual list of the most popular baby names in America. Emma and Noah topped the list, and Olivia and and Liam came in second. The most popular girls names of the last five years, Sophia and Isabella, lost some ground and came third and fourth on the list. Here’s the full top ten:

Harper, Elizabeth, Avery, and others filled out the top 20; and Elijah, Benjamin and Logan made a strong showing among new baby boys.

Though they didn’t break the top twenty, the names that saw the biggest surge in 2014 was Bode for boys and Aranza for girls. Other trending names for girls: Montserrat, Monserrat, Maisie and Zendaya. For boys: Axl, Gannon, Bodie and Royal.

Unsolicited advice from someone with an unusual first name: give your children boring names, your creativity is lost both on them and the world’s baristas.

Images via Getty and Social Security Administration

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