Corey Haim Scrapbook: The Teen Dream Collection


With the news today of former teen star Corey Haim’s death has come much discussion of his longtime struggles with addiction and downward spiral from fame. But we’d also like to celebrate Corey as we’ll always remember him: totally mega.

In 1984, at the age of 13, Corey made his cute-as-pie debut in Firstborn.

Silver Bullet, 1985. In this Stephen King werewolf flick, Haim played a wheelchair-bound kid (and got to play with fireworks).

Secret Admirer, 1985. (He’s only briefly in the trailer, at about the 17-second mark.)

Lucas, 1986. This was generally considered Corey’s breakout role, and rightfully so. (Bonus: The object of his affection was played by Kerri Lee Green, also known as the object of affection in Goonies.)

An adorable Lucas moment.

Lost Boys, 1987. This bathtub scene pushed many a girl towards becoming a woman.

Another moment from Lost Boys — who didn’t love seeing Haim school Feldman?

License to Drive. 1988 — also staring a marvelously coiffed Heather Graham.

Dream a Little Dream, 1989. Mostly a Feldman movie, but where there was a Feldman, there was a Haim.

The Dream Machine, 1991. At this point, Corey and Porsche was enough of a premise to get a film made.

The Double 0 Kid, 1991. He co-stars with his future fiancee Nicole Eggert. Alas, this was pretty much the end of the Tiger Beat years.

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