Cosmo For Guys Creates 'Crotch Cam' To Catch Women's Wandering Eyes


The dudes at Cosmo For Guys are at it again, and this time, it involves trying to catch a woman being vain through a crotch cam, a bicep cam, a butt cam, and a glasses cam. We did not make this up.

Yes, apparently it takes a crotch cam to capture that exact moment in which a woman checks out a man. (Also: Who the fuck cares? Do guys really want to know this?) The whole premise for this video is to discover where on a man’s body a woman looks when she first meets him, as if to say “See! We look at your boobs, and you look at our ____.” So they sent a good-looking guy out onto the street pretending to be lost and had him walk up to unsuspecting girls for help. Annoyingly, they caught a few of the girls looking at his biceps and crotch, but when you’ve got your sleeves rolled up all Danny Zuko-style, can you blame them? And as for the crotch shot, I’m sure the girl was thinking exactly what I think every time some dude stands directly in front of a sitting woman on the subway: put your crotch any closer to my face and I will punch it.

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