Courtney Love And Kurt Cobain Burned Marc Jacobs' Grunge Pieces

  • Courtney Love regrets destroying vintage Marc Jacobs: “Marc sent me and Kurt his Perry Ellis grunge collection. Do you know what we did with it? We burned it. We were punkers — we didn’t like that kind of thing.”
  • “With the Internet, I think the crap rises to the top,” Love says, noting that it took her until Page 12 of Google Image Search to find a picture of her with good hair. “Well, page nine had an Avedon one.” [WWD]
  • Betty White has signed on to license a clothing line that basically is just her black-and-white face on t-shirts, hoodies, and mugs, Obey Giant-style. [WWD]
  • Isabella never got the credit she deserved,” says Jean Grillo, who wrote a play about Isabella Blow‘s life that premieres today in New York. “It’s universal. Women generally do get devalued. They don’t get front and center.” [WWD]
  • Also tonight, CNN‘s Revealed airs a 30-minute special on Dolce & Gabbana. [WWD]
  • Christian Lacroix‘s new creative director, Sacha Walckhoff, says he wants to do a line for Target or H&M. “Of course, I won’t do a couture dress for a mass retailer, but to do a small collection for one would be lovely. I’m open to it. Lacroix is luxury, but the brand’s DNA, as the Spring 2011 collection shows, is about mixing the luxurious and the rough.” [HuffPo]
  • Lanvin is opening its first New York store later this week. “I’m not very flagship oriented,” says Alber Elbaz. “We don’t take a concept that we opened in Paris or Tokyo [and replicate it]. We have to go with the structure of the store and the architecture. Sometimes when I work with a fabric it has a mind of its own. I have to listen to the fabrics. Some are very stubborn. The easiest thing is to do a white box.” [WWD]
  • The Daily Mail has photos of Noémie Lenoir, who attempted suicide in May, looking healthy with her five-year-old son and his friend in Paris. “Noemie, 30, grabbed their hands as they ran across the street, either avoiding the traffic or to catch a bus or taxi,” writes the tabloid. Yeah, or maybe she was trying to avoid the skeevy paparazzo taking her picture? [Daily Mail]
  • Anna Dello Russo: “WHY I LOVE BLOGGERS? Cause they make us IN CONTACT after years of DEAFNESS in own golden cells.So today we feel LESS LONELY!” [@AnnaDelloRusso]
  • RVCA says it dropped Erin Wasson‘s line — but not fashion blogger Rumi Neely‘s — because working with Wasson and her team was “Total chaos and the epitome of unorganized.” [Fashionista]
  • British Elle editor Lorraine Candy, on how that Miu Miu dress ended up on her cover (and W‘s cover, and British Vogue‘s cover): “We first see the look on the runway and note it down as a possible for a cover shoot. When we’re back in the office, we call it in and match it to the right star. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t shoot covers in sequence. If it fits the mood board concept of the cover shoot and the photographer likes it, we take it to the shoot along with a rail of potential clothes.” [Elle UK]
  • Lacoste is adding a jewelry line in February. [WWD]
  • Got any vintage Pringle clothing, photographs, or even just a memory of the brand? Bring it to a Scottish castle on August 12 for the official Pringle Day of Record, when the company will host an Antiques Roadshow-style extravaganza. [Vogue UK]
  • Liz Claiborne is closing 87 branded outlet stores. [WWD]
  • Young Aussie phenom designer Dion Lee signed with a London-based PR agency. And, in British Vogue Copywatch: “We wait with baited [sic] breath to see which UK retailer will be first to covert the new Aussie de jour.” [Vogue UK]
  • Apparently Catherine Deneuve is into Eminem? Who knew. [WWD]
  • Used to the idea of the $3k bag yet? Get ready for the $4k bag: Chanel is rumored to be raising its handbag prices by 20% at the end of this month, to around $4,100 for a 227 Reissue. [MadisonAveSpy]
  • J Brand has a new ad campaign, shot by Patrick Demarchelier, as well as a raft of designer collaborations planned. [WWD]
  • Justin Thornton and Thea Bregazzi, who design Preen together, have a two-year-old daughter named Fauve. And they want to design a children’s line. [The Cut]
  • Armani is opening stores in Ho Cho Minh City and Ulaan Bataar. [WWD]
  • “I see it, want it, gotta have it, hot blogs tell me where to get it,” goes the first (?) song to be dedicated to the fine art of fashion blogging, by 2b3 and L’il London. “You know what’s hot, so I Google your Blogspots, and follow the links to all the hot shops.” Indeed. [YouTube]
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