Crazy Wingnut Criticism Of Sotomayor Is Almost Amusing

  • Wow: there are apparently conservatives suggesting that Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s enjoyment of traditional Puerto Rican food will impact her ability to be a mouth-breathing, lock-step conservative justice in the grand school of Clarence “Oral Arguments Are Nap Times” Thomas. [TalkingPointsMemo]
  • And a bunch of racist Republicans, including Newt “Who Needs Latino Voters” Gingrich and Tom “I See Brown People” Tancredo, swear they know one when they see one… and that Sotomayor fits the bill. [Politico, ThinkProgress]
  • Pat “The Nazis Weren’t That Bad” Buchanan thinks Sotomayor got the nomination because of Affirmative Action, because all white men are obviously more qualified than a Princeton-and-Yale educated appeals court judge! [ThinkProgress]
  • Mark Krikorian thinks Sotomayor’s a racist for insisting people pronounce her name correctly, and feels discriminated against because he’s not allowed to Anglicize it. As someone who refuses to completely Anglicize her name for the likes of anyone — particularly with a name like Krikorian — Mark Corker can go fuck himself. [ThinkProgress]
  • Unrelated to fucking: Barack Obama stayed in a really nice luxury suite in Vegas. [People]
  • In actually important news, we weren’t just torturing prisoners in Iraq, our soldiers were raping them. [Newser]
  • Oh, and we’re on high alert in South Korea because the North Koreans have threatened to re-start hostilities in the decades-old war. [Washington Post]
  • Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned Israel to stop building new settlements, and Israel really doesn’t care. [NY Times]
  • But, hey, Roland Burris is crazy! [LA Times]
  • And, Michelle Bachmann‘s starring in her own comic book, so that’s way more important. [TalkingPointsMemo]
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