Dating A Cheater? Vent It On The Car • Over 80,000 Women Sign Up For Boobquake


• A UK survey found that three out of five people would take revenge on a cheating spouse, with most respondents targeting the car. True to the stereotype, women were more likely to feast on the dish best served cold.

10% of women said they would take it out on their significant other’s car. They also found a breakdown by age: 22-25 year-olds are most likely to smash a car windshield, and women over 50 are more likely to give the silent treatment. • Lindy Chamberlain-Creighton has reinvented herself as a motivational speaker. Chamberlain-Creighton was jailed several decades ago for her involvement in the murder of her 9-week-old daughter. She was exonerated in the case, but only after she made the phrase “a dingo stole my baby!” strangely famous. • An appeals court in San Francisco has ruled to allow a massive class action lawsuit against Wal-Mart to continue to trial. The suit alleges that Wal-Mart has been discriminating against women workers. If they lose, Wal-Mart may have to pay their employees billions in damages. • Two studies from North Carolina State University show that celebrity endorsements may do more harm than good for political candidates. They found that college students are no more likely to vote for someone with a celebrity endorsement — even if that celebrity is Angelina Jolie or George Clooney — and some actually said they were less likely to find the candidate likable. • Three firefighters from Illinois rescued a small dog on Thursday from a mechanized recliner chair by sawing it apart. The dog got trapped inside the chair at an assisted living center and was having trouble breathing under the pressure, but vets say he will be just fine. • A group composed of Cuban wives and mothers of jailed opposition activists were thwarted on Sunday when they tried to peacefully protest after church services. Government officials have been blocking the “Women in White” from marching for the past several weeks. Yesterday, the women were removed from the protest and moved into a park, where they stayed for seven hours, holding the remains of their flowers and signs. • 16-year-old Jessica Watson may well become the youngest person to sail the world on a solo, non-stop trip. She recently battled what she called the “10-metre liquid mountains” off the coast of South Australia. Watson plans to release a book after she finishes her tour. • A human rights campaigner from Uzbekistan is claiming that thousands of women have been forcibly sterilized since February. They say tens of thousands of young women have most likely been sterilized in secret since 2003, when President Islam Karimov approved the procedure for women undergoing cesarean sections. • A French woman was recently fined for driving while wearing a veil. Traffic police fined the woman $29 in early April, but she is fighting the decision on the grounds that the hijab obscures her vision no more than a motorcycle helmet would. “I didn’t commit any infraction,” she said at a news conference on Friday. “I can see just as well as you… I have driven like this for nine years. I’ve not had any problems.” • Victims of domestic abuse continue to pay significantly higher healthcare costs for three years after the abuse ends, a study has shown. Their average healthcare costs are more than $1,200 above non-abused women for the first two years and about $400 above for the third year. Costs even out around the fourth year, but some women continue to pay more (for things like mental health services) for years to come. • Over 80 school girls from the Afghan province of Kunduz have fallen ill in the past week, and officials believe this may be the result of a mass poisoning by insurgents. Several students reported a strange smell in their class before the onset of their symptoms, which include dizziness and nausea, but authorities have not yet verified the cause of the sickness. None of the symptoms are reported to be serious, and inquiry results are still inconclusive. • A nutrition expert from New York says that gymnasts under the age of 18 are often held to unhealthy ideal, which can lead to compromised nutrition and poor body image. “The ideal body type is not always the healthiest body type,” said Sotiria Tzakas Everett of the Women’s Sports Medicine Center. • According to CBS News, over 80,000 women have signed up to participate in Boobquake. Jennifer McCreight, the student who organized the lighthearted mockery of a senior Iranian cleric’s comments, said she “wanted to do good science to counter the bad science.” She continued: “I’m going to compare the frequency and severity of the earthquakes on the 26th to earthquakes previous to that, and see if there is a statistical difference.” •

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