David Hasselhoff's Ibiza DJ Musical Is All of My Wildest Dreams Realized


To what magical twist of fate do we owe this beautiful occurrence? David Hasselhoff has been starring as a CLUB DJ in a STAGE MUSICAL about IBIZA, called Last Night a DJ Saved My Life after the seminal Indeep song and subsequent historical text by Bill Brewster. People whose spiritual Venn Diagram intersects at club culture, high camp, bad choreography, outsized Euro megaclubs, absurdity, and Baywatch, your prayers have been answered. (It’s not just me, right?) “Whoa, we going to Ibiza” is definitely the best song of all time.

Unfortunately, this play is currently touring only in England, which is the equivalent of fate showing you, if you do not live in or near England, what could have been just before you die. Fact reports that Hasselhoff plays the biggest DJ of the ‘80s as he clumsily transitions into the ‘90s, where a brave new world of raves is supplanting the disco scene:

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life charts Ross’ mid-life woes when his estranged daughter shows up on the White Isle and falls for a holiday rep (played by Shane Richie Jr – excellent casting).

The glorious soundtrack includes all your favorite ‘80s and ‘90s nostalgia jams, including Adamski, Snap, Rick Astley and, cannily, the theme from Baywatch. Couldn’t you just die? How is this real? But it’s so, so real.

In an interview with the South London Press, Hasselhoff said he could really relate to the role:

Although he insists he’s no playboy, David does admit he has “lived it up” a bit during his career and now with two grown up daughters of his own, is well aware of the similarities.
“I can relate to him totally of course,” he says. “He is a DJ and night club owner with a responsibility to the club where the most important thing to do is party.
“He’s against drugs even though he’s on this amazing party island of Ibiza but he does like to show off – a bit like me.

Fate rain your love upon us all.

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