David Lee Roth Thought About 'Power Women' When Designing His Skincare Line


David Lee Roth has jumped into skincare.

*Stares at you for five solid minutes so you really get it.*

In an interview with the New York Times, which Roth says is his first in nearly 10 years, the Van Halen frontman talks about moving into the celebrity skincare game with his surprising new line Ink the Original, which is designed specifically for people with tattoos. You can only run with the devil for so long before you realize you need to take care of your precious flesh (that is, of course, if you haven’t made a deal with him to preserve it, as I can only imagine that’s a better option than buying hundreds of serums.)

The line includes products like an SPF stick, SPF spray, and a “tattoo-brightening balm,” and was inspired by Roth’s own tattoos, which he spent over 300 hours getting for $300 an hour. But Roth didn’t just have himself in mind when he was drafting up these products:

He even thought about how the tough-looking packaging might appeal to power women: “Tina Fey can take this out of her bag at a full table of the most stellar, dynamic wits in the business. She takes this out of her bag, and the guys will want to borrow it.” (Ms. Fey has no visible tattoos.)

So many things to unpack here.

For starters, who exactly are power women? And why is Tina Fey, writer and actress, one of them? Why would she be whipping out an SPF stick, designed by none other than David Lee Roth, in the middle of a meeting? Does Roth know something about Fey’s body and her apparent lack (or non-lack???) of tattoos that we don’t?

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